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Dream Child (2021)

What do you need?

Our training equips us to serve our clients in a variety of ways.
If you don't see what you need listed below, please contact us. We're always learning new tricks.

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We help you tell stories that inspire.

Do you have a commercial, television or film script that needs a visionary to manifest its essence onto the silver screen (or smartphone)? Or do you need a 2nd unit director to capture all of those vfx-related performances and plates you need?

Adam has been helping producers and directors tell their stories for two decades. His experience in production and his technical understanding of the post process enables him to navigate all the complexities of your project with efficiency and innovation.

Please contact Adam. His creative vision and technical prowess may be precisely what your project is needing.

Photo Restoration

We find the beauty amidst the disarray.

Do you have a picture of your grandparent that has seen better days?  Do you wish you could restore it to its original splendor as a surprise gift for a birthday, holiday or anniversary? Do you have a photo that you'd like to bring to life with atmospheric effects and movement? 

Adam has been mastering the art of digital photo restoration and manipulation since he was in high school.

  • Digital photo restoration
  • Bring your photo to life
  • Animated GIF creation
  • And more...

VFX Supervision

We guide productions towards post success.

Does your script necessitate shooting one or more complicated visual effects sequences?  Do you need to ensure that these sequences stay within your budget?

Adam can work with you from concept through to completion to ensure your visual effects needs are executed on-time and on-budget.

  • Script breakdowns
  • On-set VFX supervision
  • Supervision of vendor(s) and/or in-house team(s)
  • And more...


We put all the pieces together.

Do you need that crew member erased from your essential establishing shot?  Did that practical effects gag fail to work as intended?  Is it not supposed to look like that?

Adam has been mastering the art of compositing (digital image manipulation) over the past three decades, and can provide a post solution to most any production problem.

  • Digital cleanup
  • Green/blue screen compositing
  • Background/sky replacement
  • And more...
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