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Coachella 2019

32,000+ frames of 4k animated content turned around in 12 days for Kid Cudi and Kanye West's performance at Coachella.

Skazka Studios, Coachella

In April 2019, Adam had the pleasure of collaborating with Matvey Rezanov of Skazka Studios to produce the animated backdrops for Kid Cudi's performance at the 2019 Coachella music and arts festival.Rezanov is known for his unique and beautiful watercolor animation style.

It was a tall order. The team had ~12 days to generate and deliver 32,000+ frames of 4K content to theclient. Rezanov and two other talented artists generated all the assets while Adam was tasked withpiecing together, programming and timing the animation to be in-sync with the provided music tracks,ensuring the content was rendered and delivered on-time and to the venue's technical specifications.

The team was hired again to produce similar content for Kid Cudi's performance during the secondweekend of Coachella (which featured a guest performance by Kanye West for two of songs), requiringAdam to turn around another 16,000 frames of 4K content in about 36 hours.


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