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Only Murders in the Building

Adam and his daughter really enjoyed watching season one of Only Murders In The Building together in 2021, and, of course, some of his earliest memories of comedy and cinema include the legendary Steve Martin and Martin Short, so... when the opportunity came along to work with a few of his dearest colleagues to create a faux 90s music video for the series, you betta believe he dropped everything to do it.

Litte-Giant, Hulu, Disney

The assignment was to replicate the look and style of an early-90s mixed media music video, while also embedding cues within its production value that suggest perhaps the lofty and eccentric vision of its creator far exceeded the means by which he had to produce it.

Special thanks to director Rob Shaw, producer Robert D'Esposito, and EP Tsui Ling Toomer for inviting me along for the ride.  Character animation and animatic by the always-amazing Sam Niemann.  Scene layout/design by Heather Landis.

Only Murders in the Building is now streaming on hulu.


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