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VFX Supervision

Little Wing

In Spring of 2023, Adam was recruited to supervise VFX for the Paramount+ feature film LITTLE WING, starring Brooklyn Prince, Che Tafari, Kelly Reilly and Brian Cox. Directed by Dean Israelite (Are You Afraid of the Dark, Power Rangers), Little Wing was adapted from a 2006 New Yorker magazine article by Susan Orlean, and tells the story of a 13-year-old girl who is dragged into the world of pigeon racing as she deals with her parents' divorce and the impending loss of her home.

Paramount Pictures, AwesomenessTV

The filmmakers wanted to use real life pigeons as often as would be safely possible throughout production. During pre-production, Adam worked with the production team and leadership at Refuge VFX to assemble a shot-by-shot plan as to which shots would utilize practical birds on location, and which would require CGI birds to be added in post. As for the shots that could utilize practical birds, but safety concerns would prohibit them to be filmed on location, Adam recommended those birds be filmed on a bluescreen at the stages during the final weeks of production; these bird plate elements could then be composited into their respective shots in VFX.

Adam worked with editorial throughout production to assemble a list of all the needed bird plate elements. He then supervised (and often directed) the filming of these bird plates throughout the final days.

Pigeon trainer/handler Roland Sonnenburg beckons The Granger to his arm.

Adam was also on-set throughout production to ensure all vfx-related data and plates were wrangled, and helped the production team troubleshoot any unexpected shooting issues for which VFX might provide a more cost-effective solution.

Little Wing's art department and construction crew had to recreate a life-size replica of the top two floors of Jaan's apartment building so one of the film's more suspenseful scenes could be shot without unnecessary risk to the principle child actors. This required the use of some rather large translights and greenscreens to ensure the scenes were indistinguishable from those shot on-location in downtown Portland.

Adam supervised the filming a variety of 180˚ plates while on location to ensure the VFX team had what they needed to replace the greenscreen with views from the actual location.

Che Tafari (left) and Brooklyn Prince (right) perform their daring escape scene on the replica fire escape constructed on the production stage in NW Portland.

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