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The Spark that Started it all...

In 2008, Adam was hired to work as a Jr. Compositor in the VFX department of the Oscar-nominated stop-motion animated film Coraline at Laika Entertainment.


He was initially trained to digitally remove face seams, but quickly progressed to rig removal, advanced digital clean-up, and eventually compositing VFX elements like steam, fire, and smoke. It was this experience that helped Adam to realize his brain was naturally wired to troubleshoot the puzzles of digital compositing.

The reel Adam pieced together to showcase his work on the film (see above) received worldwide attention when it was shared by Coraline author Neil Gaiman on twitter.

Following his time at Laika, Adam was offered a position at Rhythm & Hues Studios in Los Angeles, but chose to remain and Portland and further immerse himself in its community of studios and creatives.


Past works