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VFX Supervision

Girl in the Woods

Adam C. Sager and director/producer Krysten Ritter pose together during production of Girl in the Woods.

In the Spring of 2021 Adam reunited with the team at CryptTV to supervise the VFX of their new monster series for PeacockTV—The Girl in the Woods, starring Stefanie Scott, Sofia Bryant, and Misha Osherovich.

This was the third collaboration between Adam and CryptTV, having previously worked together on both seasons of The Birch for Facebook Watch.

As often happens in the crazy industry that is TV/Film, Adam had to prep for Girl in the Woods while still on-location in Oahu finishing up season one of Sony/Amazon's I Know What You Did Last Summer. He attended pre-production meetings via Zoom from his hotel room, and broke down the series' scripts during his flight home.  

PeacockTV, CryptTV

The eight episode series was split into 2 blocks, the first of which was directed by Krysten Ritter, and the second by Jacob Chase. Both directors had fun and ambitious ideas for how to utilize VFX in service to the series' fantastical story. One sequence, in particular, had Adam scratching his head until director Jacob Chase & DP Maxime Alexandre dreamt up this transition in which a character must be seen running seamlessly from one shooting location to another, but... the locations are 40 miles apart, and separated by nearly 2 weeks on the shooting schedule.  Adam was quite reluctant to promise it could be pulled off (within the shows budget), but... thanks to the tireless precision of steadicam operator Nathan Combadiere, the focus prowess of 1st AC Nico Wachter, the endurance of actors Stefanie Scott & Will Yun Lee, as well as the director's patience in allowing Adam to provide note after note after note... the team managed to get the takes they needed to make it work.

Adam would like to thank Jacob for his persistence in seeing the vision realized. It's one helluva cool shot!

In addition to supervising the filming of the VFX sequence throughout production, Adam was also given the opportunity to composite many of the series' VFX shots himself, including the one featured above.

Adam C. Sager on location during production of Girl in the Woods.

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