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VFX Supervision

I Know What You Did Last Summer

In the Spring of 2021, Adam was recruited to provided on-set VFX supervision in Oahu for the final shooting block of the Amazon Prime original series I Know What You Did Last Summer—a reboot of the slasher film franchise from the 90s.

Sony, Amazon

Upon arriving in Oahu, Adam was immediately tasked with solving a budget-breaking issue that transpired across the filming of the series' first several episodes while also needing to work with the UPM and EPs to prep for the final two episodes slated to begin shooting the next day. He would spend his down days hiking through the Manoa Valley photographing vfx plates for the compositing team at Mels Studio—the series' primary VFX vendor, and used his own experience as a compositor to craft a shooting plan for the final shot of the season.


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