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Kimbra's Wish

'Kimbra's Wish' Masterfully and Beautifully Pays Homage to Classic Disney Song.

For this magical passion project, Adam was thrilled to be working with one of his favorite musical artists... the Grammy-winning recording artist Kimbra. Best known for accompanying Gotye on his hit single Somebody That I Used To Know, Kimbra has since released two incredible solo records, and is consistently proving she belongs among the great women in music today.


Kimbra's Wish was born from a mutual desire to honor Disney for the years of beauty and inspiration the studio has provided both Adam and Kimbra through its animated films and music, especially Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In 2014, Kimbra was invited to cover a classic Disney song for the We Love Disney tribute album being produced by Universal Music. Meanwhile, Adam had spent the last 10 years studying and developing techniques of digital integration (compositing). So, over lunch in Portland on April 14th, 2015, Adam and Kimbra made the decision to venture together into the magical world of Snow White.

Adam spent the next month preparing an edit, assembling a production crew, and working through the many technicalities of the production. In May 2015, Kimbra traveled back to Portland, and the crew spent 2 days shooting all the perspectives and performances needed to insert Kimbra into Adam's edit. The following few months consisted of meticulous digital paint, roto and compositing tasks for Adam and his post-production team (which included many of his VFX students at George Fox University).

(L to R) Roger Braunstein, Mark Mager, Adam C Sager, Kale Kiaunis, Kimbra, Claudine Ebel, Ethan Burke, Corina Burke, and Andrew Studer.

Five and a half months after their lunch together, Adam and Kimbra's passion project is now completed, and they are so pleased with how it turned out. Adam and Kimbra sincerely hope their video serves to escort viewers back into the classic films of Disney and into the childlike wonder we all remember experiencing in that magical world of animation.

Thank you for watching the video!  Now, here's a glimpse behind-the-scenes—

Full Crew Credits—
Kimbra Johnson, Taylor Graves, & Timon Martin — Music
Adam C Sager — Director / Executive Producer / Editor / VFX Supervisor / Compositor / Roto / Paint
Corina Burke — Assistant Director / Producer
Ethan Burke & Andrew Studer — Camera / Lighting
Devin Winter — Wardrobe / Styling
Claudine Ebel — Hair / Makeup
Kale Kiaunis — Production Assistant
Roger Braunstein — Technical Assistant
Paul DeSilva — Compositor / Roto / Paint
Mark Mager, Roger Hancock & Dan Goldman — Stage Management / Facilities
Laki Karavias — Behind the Scenes
Aly DeHay, Jenna Holmes, Trevor DePalatis, Lexie Began, Stephen Tissell, Patrick Quinn, Corwin Carson, Daniel Mayeda, & Alexander Oxford — Rotoscoping / Paint

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