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VFX Supervision

Significant Other

In the Fall of 2021, Adam was recruited by Paramount Pictures to supervise VFX for the sci-fil thriller Significant Other.

Paramount Pictures, Paramount Players, Paramount+

When Paramount decided to film Significant Other in the Oregon wilderness, Adam was delighted to get the call.  He spent the last two weeks of September prepping with the film's producer, directors, the other department heads, and the project leads at the film's primary vfx vendor ReDefine (a North American division of Double Negative.)

The next six weeks (Oct/Nov) were spent filming at some of Oregon's most beautiful locations... primarily outdoors, and in the rain.

In January of 2022, Adam was invited to a spotting session with the editor, producer and directors to review all the film's vfx needs, and determine which vfx shots would go to the wizards at ReDefine, and which shots would go to SagerDigital for Adam to composite himself.  Come May, at the end of the film's post schedule, Adam had managed to personally complete 126 shots while also ensuring ReDefine was supplied with all the on-set media and data they needed to efficiently complete their shots.

The privilege of working with the Paramount production team, Jake Lacy & Maika Monroe, producer Dan Kagan, and writers/directors Dan Berk and Bobby Olsen was an honor Adam will not soon forget.  He is so very thankful for the incredible local crew here in Portland who are always so kind, welcoming and accommodating whenever this vfx geek gets to join them in the trenches of making cinema magic.  


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