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VFX Supervision

The Librarians

In April 2017, Adam joined the team at Electric Entertainment to serve as their on-set visual effects supervisor for the entirety of The Librarians 4th and final season.

Based on the TV movies of the same title featuring Noah Wyle in the title role, The Librarians is a comedy/adventure series in which a team of gifted heroes work to preserve and protect the world's most legendary, magical and secret artifacts. Starring Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, John Harlan Kim, John Larroquette, and Noah Wyle... The Librarians aired on the TNT network from 2014 to 2018.

Electric Entertainment, Electric FX
Adam C. Sager and Noah Wyle on-location during the filming of The Librarians episode 408.

Having been hired onto the project just days before cameras started rolling, Adam had to hit the ground running with showrunners Dean Devlin and Marc Roskin. Working closely with VFX producer and head of Electric FX, Mark Franco, Adam quickly acclimated to Electric's well-oiled and fast-paced production schedule, shooting each episode in just 7 days while simultaneously prepping and rolling directly into the next episode.

After wrapping the final episode, Adam was invited down to Electric Entertainment's West Hollywood headquarters where he worked with the department heads to establish a pipeline for him to build and lead a VFX team back in Portland. After just a few days, Adam returned to Portland with two of the season's episodes (totaling ~250 effects shots) where he an a small team of artists spent the next two months knocking out the wide variety of effects work each episodes required.

Not only was Adam's time with Electric Entertainment and The Librarians a success, but executive producer Mark Franco later recommended Adam to legendary VFX Supervisor Jeffrey A. Okun to work on-set throughout production of FOX's Cosmos: Possible Worlds, scheduled to release Spring 2020.


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